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Tumble Forms

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  •  Turtle Dome made of unique foam materials to ensure safety
  •  Padded scooter
  •  T-stool attachment

Tumble Forms SAM2882
$1,20000 Ea
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Features a padded Turtle System scooter and height-adjustable T-stool leg attachment. The T-Stool/Scooter is perfect for balancing and extension activities.

Tumble Forms SAM2883S
$48928 Ea
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  •  Latex free
  •  250lb weight capacity
  •  Easy to clean

Tumble Forms SAM4163B
$39868 Ea
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The Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Square Module Seating System is designed to support and position children with neurological impairments, this set is ideal for a variety of settings. Comes complete with two...

Tumble Forms SAM2797
$73572 Ea
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Includes two wrap straps for added flexibility in proper positioning. Movable straps support the child gently yet firmly, when and where needed to ensure the most comfortable position. Latex free. No...

Tumble Forms 2779A, 2779B, 2779C, 2779D, 2779E
$27062 Ea
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Develops sensory motor skills as well as provides fun and mobility for the special needs child. The colorful Jettmobile helps develop neck, shoulder and arm muscle coordination while the child...

Tumble Forms 4768C, 4769C
$67029 Ea
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Training balls for developing vestibular response and balance, and for exercise. The smallest ball is designed for rolling, pushing, throwing and kicking; the largest has a rigid core to prevent...

Tumble Forms 2769S, 2769M, 2769L

Tumble Forms 2 molded pillow provides comfortable breathing and support in a prone position during massage, traction or other treatment. The all-new Tumble Forms 2 coating features anti-microbial...

Tumble Forms SAM920983
$24388 Ea
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  •  Two handles for child to hold
  •  Long-wearing 2" casters
  •  Washable, waterproof soft top

Tumble Forms SAM4814B
$29480 Ea
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The Tumble Forms 2 Tadpole Pediatric Positioner is designed specifically for early intervention programs. Infants from birth to age three with cerebral palsy, motor delays or other motor dysfunctions...

Tumble Forms SAM4772T
$1,03103 Ea
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