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RESOURCE Benefiber

Manufacturer: Novartis
Unit of Measure: Ca 4

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Product Description

RESOURCE Benefiber is a unique, soluble dietary fiber used to help maintain normal bowel function by adding fiber to the diet and increasing the beneficial bacteria essential for normal digestion.

A concentrated source for fiber in a versatile powder. Tasteless and odorless, Benefiber Powder will not alter foods or beverages. (Also available in a ready-to-serve juice drink.)

Product Features

  • One study showed that the use of Benefiber®reduced enema usage by nearly one enema per resident per month at a developmental care facility.
  • Will not alter the taste, color or consistency when mixed with foods or beverages, which helps to improve compliance.
  • Smooth consistency means no grittiness. No separation. No gelling.
  • Easily mixed with water for tube feeding flush.
  • Provides 3 grams of soluble dietary fiber in every serving.
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Invisible fiber, visible benefits. Benefibermixes directly into favorite foods and beverages without changing the taste or consistency. Patients and residents wont even know its there. Just add to food or beverages for oral consumption, or mix with water and flush through a feeding tube using a syringe. Who Individuals whose bowel function cannot be regulated through normal diet alone. Servings 1 to 2 tablespoons per day, increasing as needed or tolerated. Up to 6 tablespoons per day.
Calories per serving - 16 7.2 oz. canister