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Contoured Chest Harness - Top Pull

Contoured Chest Harness - Top Pull
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  • Contoured for anatomically optimal fit
  • Machine washable
  • Low-slip, laminated closed-cell foam
  • Dynamic or Static Use


VARILITE Contoured Chest Harness is designed for an anatomically optimal fit. Its contoured shape and molded channels allow the pads to curve, especially around breast tissue and other natural contours. Pads are constructed of low-slip, laminated closed-cell foam, edge-bonded for durability and comfort. A dynamic positioning strap gives the user the option of a static or dynamic harness. Dynamic movement is beneficial during functional activities, such as reaching, or for clients with spasticity.

The point of adjustment is at the shoulder/back level. A top pull chest harness is ideal for caregivers who position the user from behind. The caregiver gains added leverage and maintains good body mechanics when adjusting the harness. A bottom pull accessory also is available.

A chest harness should always be used in conjunction with a hip belt and always requires a solid back system. VARILITE Contoured Chest Harness includes camlock and tri-end hardware for attachment to the wheelchair. Camlocks secure top webbing to the solid back system, and are attached at, or slightly below, the shoulders to prevent the shoulders from rolling out underneath the harness. Bottom webbing is threaded through the tri-end fitting. Webbing can loop around the canes for attachment, or the tri-end can be drilled for direct attachment to the frame of the chair.

VARILITE Chest Harness has a Dynamic Positioning Strap at the top of the pad that allows dynamic movement. An elastic strap is threaded through a tri-glide in combination with the top webbing. When the webbing is pulled tightly through the tri-glide, the elastic component is eliminated, providing a static effect. When threaded loosely, the dynamic component is engaged allowing the user freedom of movement. VARILITE dynamic positioning allows up to 2 inches (5 cm) of movement on Extra Small and Small sizes, and up to 3 inches (7.5 cm) on Medium and Large sizes.

VARILITE Contoured Chest Harnesses are available in Pediatric to Adult sizes.

Note: Designed for use with solid back seating systems.


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