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Dentips Blue Disposable Oral Swabs - Untreated

Manufacturer: Medline
Unit of Measure: Ca 500

Item Number: MDS096X02

Product Description

Medline's disposable oral swabs feature a color coding system for Treated (green) or Untreated (blue) swabs. The swabs are made of long plastic handles to help prevent touch-contamination. Product is available in a variety of packaging options, including resealable bags and convenient dispenser packs, to meet clinical needs. Ideal for use with Biotene products.

Whether in the hospital or nursing home, good oral hygiene is essential to fewer infections and an overall sense of patient satisfaction.

Disposable Oral Swab:
Swabs are used to remove mucus build-up from
the patients mouth. Apply swab along the tongue,
cheek, teeth and gums. Swabs may be used alone
or in combination with toothpaste, mouthwash
or moisturizer.
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