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Insulin Products

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  •  Automated injection devices that give greater control to patients
  •  Makes the self-injection experience simple, convenient and more manageable
  •  Conceals needle before use to ease patient anxiety

$4748 Ea
  •  Holds everything-all in one place
  •  Refreezable Gel-Pack Included
  •  Organizes up to 1 week of Diabetes supplies

$2754 Ea
  •  Holds everything-all in one place
  •  Made of water-resistant durable nylon
  •  Includes a FREE (Refreezable) Cold Gel Pack

$3800 Ea
  •  Constructed of a durable nylon
  •  Holds everything-all in one place
  •  Supplies Not Included

$3590 Ea
  •  Keeps insulin cool for up to 12 hours
  •  Comes with two cooler packs - use one while refrigerating the other
  •  Carries up to two bottles of any brand insulin

$4495 Ea
  •  20 to 45 deg Variable Insertion Angle
  •  Audible click confirms reconnection.
  •  Included Adhesive

MinimedMMT378, MMT377, MMT384, MMT368, MMT381, MMT383, MMT382
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$19060 Bx 10
  •  Keeps insulin bottles or pens safe without refrigeration
  •  Cools with the refreezable gel pack for up to 10 hours in 100 heat
  •  Holds meter and all your other supplies in 2 pockets

$2840 Ea

Holds enough supplies for up to three days. Cool side includes refreezable ice pack (stays cold 4-6 hours) with temperature strip and holds up to four bottles of insulin. Room temperature side...

Durable case features easy view mesh pocket to organize diabetic supplies for the day. Includes one On the Go Sharps Transport & Disposal unit; the first and only personal sharps disposal...

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