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Massaging Seat and Back Cushion

Manufacturer: ISG
Unit of Measure: Ea

Item Number: BM1RL

Product Description

Heated Massaging Seat Cushion is designed to be used in your home or office. Provides an AC adapter, for use in 120 volt outlet.
For your safety, please use only the adapter provided with this massager. Elastic straps are attached to the seat, which allows you to securely fasten the massager to almost any chair. This massager has been designed for ease of operation, and will allow you to create your own custom massage.
Generally, massage should last 15 minutes on any one particular part of the body. Treatment may be applied once or twice daily as desired. As metabolism varies among individuals, so does their response to massage. You will soon adjust the time to suit your particular needs and personal comfort. If you have any doubts regarding treatment, we recommend you consult your physician.

Controller - The TOP 3 SWITCHES control the vibrating motors:
1st switch SHOULDER
2nd switch LOWER BACK
3rd switch SEAT

Each slide switch has an OFF position and 3 massage strength settings: LOW, MED (Medium), and HI. Try each
motor setting to create the custom massage you desire. The BOTTOM SWITCH is the ON/OFF heat control. Slide the switch to the right to activate the heat in the middle section of the back. Please note: As one of the built-in safety features, you must be using the Heated
Massaging Seat Cushion for the heat circuit to be activated. Therefore, you cannot preheat the massaging system. After using, return all switches to the off position, and disconnect power before storing.
Massaging Seat and Back Cushion  Some images may display non-standard options.
  • Soft-cushioned design provides extra comfort and flexibility
  • 4 powerful motors provide soothing, vibrating massage to three massage zones
  • Heat therapy option provides soothing comfort for your back muscles
  • Hand control with low, medium, and high settings: with or with out heat
  • Strapping system allows you to fasten to almost any chair
  • Portable for home or office
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