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Product Description

This alarm is intended for caregivers to be alerted when there patient is getting up by themself.
For use on bed, place sensor pad underneath the torso of the patient. Once the patient sits up the pressure is relieved and the alarm with sound.

1. Test pad by applying pressure to the pad for 3 seconds and releasing.
2. Always test alarm unit and sensor pad together before each use. Never use if alarm fails to sound when tested.
Retest if alarm unit is dropped.
3. Inspect sensor pad, wires, and all connections for damage.
Do not use if alarm unit or sensor pad is damaged.

This device is not a substitute for routine visual monitoring of patients.
frequent routine visual inspections to ensure sensor pad is properly
Use of system may not be suitable for High Risk patients.
Patient Bed Alarm Some images may display non-standard options.
Pad Size11 x 30
May not be suitable for patients weighting less than 100 pounds.
  • Alarm includes ON/OFF switch and dual volumes
  • Audio alarm sounds when patient gets out of chair or bed
  • Over mattress for short-term admissions or fall assessment
  • Six month warranty
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