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Tumble Forms 2 Carrie Seat - Junior

Manufacturer: Tumble Forms 2
Part Number: 9116
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The Carrie seat solves the positioning problems in day-to-day living. The unique molded contours of the Carrie seat provide superior positioning compared to seats with traditional upholstered pads. The anti thrust seat shape helps maintain pelvic position.

Carrie Car Seats are supplied with a tether as part of FMVSS compliance. Once the Carrie Car Seat is properly secured to the automobile seat with tether and standard vehicle 3-point safety lap and shoulder belt, the passenger is placed in the Carrie Car Seat and strapped in with the safety straps. Easy to use!

A Safety Car Seat that is affordable and provides therapeutic positioning, comfort, and stability.

The Carrie Seat Tray must never be used as part of the Safety Car Seat Restraint System.

  • At Home - On the couch or in a chair. The tether strap secures the seat in the chair.
  • In the Car - It's a crash tested child restraint system. Secures using standard vehicle seat belts.
  • At School or on the bus- When using the Carrie Rover option can be used with standard wheelchair tiedowns.
Sizing Chart - Carrie Junior
Standing Height: 48-58in
Weight: 50-100lbs
Sitting Hip Width: 10-13in
Thigh Depth: 12-15in


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small adult Carrie Seating System With Lightweight Seat, Height-Adjustable Neck Stabilizer & 4-Point Harness By Tumble Forms II

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