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Rifton Small Prone Stander

Manufacturer: Rifton Equipment
Part Number: E931
Price: $2,300.00 Ea
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Rifton Prone Standers are designed to give the user the benefits of weight-bearing in an upright, prone position. Tool-free adjustable supports promote correct alignment of the trunk and lower extremities.The Prone Stander adjusts from vertical to horizontal. When vertical, the footboard is almost at floor level. This feature allows ease in transfer, and permits the user to be at peer level when upright. When the stander is vertical, the almost floor-level footboard makes transfers easy.

The hip strap gives secure, comfortable hip alignment and is easy to adjust. The Prone Stander adjusts from vertical to horizontal. The curved frame takes up less floor space and allows the caregiver to be close to the child. Aesthetically pleasing, offered in two frame colors (metallic red and blue) with rounded, curved edges on the tray, footboard and framework. Adjust the main board and footboard to the height that works best for your child.

The hand-crank for height adjustment moves smoothly and reliably with fewer revolutions needed to alter positions. The calibration is easy to see and marked in degrees from 0 to 85 for documentation purposes. Riftons new stack and latch Sandal system with Wedges, in three sizes, is interchangeable for use between the different sizes of frames. They can be customized for contractures or leg-length discrepancy.

Available Colors:

Red Blue
Red Blue

Clear Tray

Tray: The spacious tray of the Prone Stander adjusts to different angles and can hold a communication device or other activity.

Adjustable Abduction Wedge

Trunk Lateral Support Blocks: The Prone Standers gives postural support where it is needed with it's trunk lateral support blocks anywhere along the board, at any angle up to 30. The Trunk Laterals and the comfortable body pad can be removed for cleaning.

Sandals and Wedges

Sandals and Wedges: The sandals keep feet positioned correctly and can be adjusted to the individual by moving them in and out, backward and forward. Used in conjunction with the wedges, the sandals of the stander even out weight distribution

Round Abduction Block

Round Abduction Block And Collar: When used together on the Rifton Prone Stander, the round abduction block and collar give 6" of separation.

Knee Laterals

Knee Laterals: The Knee Laterals of the Rifton Prone Stander adjust vertically or horizontally to keep knees positioned correctly. The knee lateral support blocks are tool-free and rotational.

Adjustable Abduction Wedge

Adjustable Abduction Wedge: The Knee Laterals of the Rifton Prone Stander adjust vertically or horizontally to keep knees positioned correctly.



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