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PresSsion 651-4 Lymphedema Pump (4307) - Chattanooga


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The simple, effective way to relieve swelling caused by lymphedema. The Chattanooga PresSsion lymphedema pump has been redesigned to provide sequential pneumatic compression, helping to reduce limb swelling as part of an effective edema management plan. Sequential compression is a proven treatment to reduce edema, resulting in improved patient comfort, mobility and activity levels.

In the clinic and at home, PresSsion effectively treats edema in the arms and legs with gentle, gradient pressure that removes fluid trapped beneath the skin with massage-like therapy.

Lymphedema causes painful swelling; when the body cannot effectively process and transport lymphatic fluid through lymph vessels, high-protein fluid can collect just below the skin. That swelling can cause the body to react with additional swelling and inflammation. Left untreated, the swelling can cause scar tissue (fibrosis) as well as decreased circulation, difficult and painful movement and increased risk of infection.
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