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Slime Tube Sealant - 8oz Bottle

Manufacturer:New Solutions
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Product Description

SLIME Tire Sealant is formulated and tested for use in all pneumatic tires.

As the SLiME treated tire rotates, centrifugal force pushes the sealant to the tread area creating a layer of protection, repairing punctures as they occur or treating existing punctures. SLiME is not intended for use in tires losing pressure from sidewall punctures, bead leaks, damaged rims or faulty valves. SLiME is recommended as a repair only in high speed, over-the-road tires.

SLiME utilizes a state-of-the-art blend of environmentally friendly fibers, binders, polymers and proprietary congealing agents which intertwine and clot within the puncture. This Fibro-Seal lattice, together with the viscous transportation system (the green goo) seeks out and tightly packs itself into the puncture, preventing and repairing flats with a flexible long lasting plug.
Slime Tube Sealant - 8oz Bottle Some images may display non-standard options.
Treatment for 2 tires
  • Repairs and prevents flat tires
  • Seals puncture up to 1/8
  • Safe, non-toxic, non- flammable
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