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Folding Growth

Name: Folding Growth: Catalyst 5ti Rear Frame
Manufacturer: Ki Mobility
Catalyst 5ti Rear Frame parts diagram
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Use the short frame for 14-17" Seat Depths. Use long the frame for 18-20" Seat Depths. If switching to a new Seat Depth, new Height Adjustable Flip Back T-Arms may be required (if present).
Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
4, 5, 6, 7501005Seat Hook and Support Hardware Kit, Standard, Catalyst- This kit contains quantity of 1 each
1c, 2, 3100277Frame Assm Cat TI Rear Left Short
1a, 2, 3100275Frame Assm Cat TI Rear Right Short
1d, 2, 3100278Frame Assm Cat TI Rear Left Long
1b, 2, 3100276Frame Assm Cat TI Rear Right Long
2000030Backrest Sleeve Cat
3100532Tube End Plug 1 1/8"
41008311/2" Washer OD .040" Thick
5000003Seat Hook CAT
6000004Seat Hook Support CAT
7100668M6 x 20 CLS10.9 BTN SHCS ZC w/Patch
8100667M6 x 12 BTN SHCS BLKZC w/Patch
9000065M6 x 23.68 Threaded Barrel
10a000960RSeat Hook Open Frame Right Front Frame / Left Rear Frame CAT
10b000960LSeat Hook Open Frame Left Front Frame / Right Rear Frame CAT
11101594M6 x 14 CLS10.9 DIN7991 FSHCS BLKZC w/Patch