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Liberty Ft

Name: Liberty FT: (discontinued) Liberty Ft Standard Back Upholstery
Manufacturer: Ki Mobility
(discontinued) Liberty Ft Standard Back Upholstery parts diagram
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Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
3, 4, 5503727Zip Tie Kit- This kit contains one zip tie, one bolt and one nut.
3, 4, 5503745Zip Tie Kit PAIR
1a004482Back Upholstery, Short, 14W, Liberty
1b004483Back Upholstery, Short, 15W, Liberty
1c004484Back Upholstery, Short, 16W, Liberty
1d004485Back Upholstery, Short, 17W, Liberty
1e004486Back Upholstery, Short, 18W, Liberty
1f004487Back Upholstery, Short, 19W, Liberty
1g004488Back Upholstery, Short, 20W, Liberty
1h004489Back Upholstery, Short, 21W, Liberty
1i004490Back Upholstery, Short, 22W, Liberty
1j004491Back Upholstery, Medium, 14W, LibertyN/APlease Call
1k004492Back Upholstery, Medium, 15W, Liberty- Replaced with 004522N/APlease Call
1l004493Back Upholstery, Medium, 16W, Liberty
1m004494Back Upholstery, Medium, 17W, Liberty- Replaced with 004524N/APlease Call
1n004495Back Upholstery, Medium, 18W, Liberty- Replaced with 004525N/APlease Call
1o004496Back Upholstery, Medium, 19W, Liberty- Replaced with 004526N/APlease Call
1p004497Back Upholstery, Medium, 20W, Liberty- Replaced with 004527N/APlease Call
1q004498Back Upholstery, Medium, 21W, Liberty
1r004499Back Upholstery, Medium, 22W, Liberty
1s004500Back Upholstery, Tall, 14W, Liberty- Replaced with 004530N/APlease Call
1t004501Back Upholstery, Tall, 15W, Liberty- Replaced with 004531N/APlease Call
1u004502Back Upholstery, Tall, 16W, Liberty- Replaced with 004532N/APlease Call
1v004503Back Upholstery, Tall, 17W, Liberty- Replaced with 004533N/APlease Call
1w004504Back Upholstery, Tall, 18W, Liberty- Replaced with 004534N/APlease Call
1x004505Back Upholstery, Tall, 19W, Liberty- Replaced with 004535N/APlease Call
1y004506Back Upholstery, Tall, 20W, Liberty- Replaced with 004536N/APlease Call
1z004507Back Upholstery, Tall, 21W, Liberty
1aa004508Back Upholstery, Tall, 22W, Liberty
2100734M5 x 16 PHMS ZC
3100685Zip Tie, Black ()
4100666M5 x 45 BTN SHCS BLKZC ()
5100657M5 Nylock Nut Blk Zn