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Jazzy Seat

Name: Jazzy Seat: 1650 Seat Pans
Manufacturer: Pride Mobility
1650 Seat Pans parts diagram
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Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
A1aDWR1360E123SEAT PAN, 24''W-28''W, 16''D-20''D, SYNERGY SEAT HD, E-1360-123
A1bDWR1360E110SEAT PAN, 28''W-32''W, 16''D-20''D, SYNERGY SEAT HD, E-1360-110
B1aDWR1360E121SEAT PAN, 20"W-24"W, 20"D-24"D, SYNERGY SEAT HD, E-1360-121
B1bDWR1360E124SEAT PAN, 24''W-28''W, 20"D-24"D, SYENRGY SEAT HD, E-1360-124
B1cDWR1360E111SEAT PAN, 28''W-32''W, 20"D-24"D, SYNERGY SEAT HD, E-1360-111
C1aDWR1360E122SEAT PAN, 20"W-24"W, 24''D-28''D, SYNERGY SEAT HD, E-1360-122
C1bDWR1360E125SEAT PAN, 24''W-28''W, 24''D-28''D, SYNERGY SEAT HD, E-1360-125
C1cDWR1360E126SEAT PAN, 28''W-32''W, 24''D-28''D, SYNERGY SEAT HD, E-1360-126