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Baseline BMI Body Fat Scale

Made of tempered glass and stainless steel, measures weight, body fat, and hydration %. Large LCD display reads in pounds or kilograms. Features adult and child modes with 8-person memory. Requires 1...

$4200 Ea
Seca 762 Mechanical Personal Scale with Fine 1 lbs Graduation

The precise design classic has a large clear and well-defined dial with a graduation of 1 lbs. With a large, low-level, non-slip platform and scratch resistant finish it is easy for the patient to...

$27600 Ea
Wheelchair Platform Scale
Parts Available

A dual-scale unit for weighing persons in their wheelchairs. Only 2.5" off the floor, with side ramp for easy wheelchair access and guard rail along one side. Both ramp and scale store easily on...

$41200 Ea
Digital Large Display Floor Scale
  •  Easy to read display - modern design with high contrast 1.5" LCD digits for easy reading
  •  Dual mode - the scale switches between pound and kilogram mode using a switch on the scale.
  •  Low power - tap on, auto off features all run from a lifetime lithium battery (included).

$13340 Ea
Digital Physician Waist-High Scale -500LB

Digital Physician Waist-High Scale with high weighing capacity, low profile, large base and user friendly interface. Features: 170 Swivel Display with 1" LCD; Large 14-1/4" x 14-1/4" platform with...

$99470 Ea
Seca Viva 750 Mechanical Flat Floor Scale

Offers both rugged durability and a large, easy-to-read dial. Features low profile, extra wide platform for maximum stability. The heart of the scale is pure, case-hardened steel to ensure lifelong...

$25050 Ea
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