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Creams Lotions Powders

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  •  Once a day application
  •  Fragrance, petrolatum, lanolin and alcohol-free
  •  CHG compatible

  •  Non-occlusive formula won't clog pores
  •  Contains natural Vitamin E
  •  Compatible for use with CHG, latex, and nitrile gloves

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Replenishes and helps prevent dry skin. Protects chafed, red skin, leaving behind a non-irritating, non-occlusive barrier. pH balanced.

$980 TB 1

Offers superior moisturizing relief for severely dry, scaly and cracked skin conditions. Contains 10% urea and 5% alphahydroxy acid.

$1190 Ea
  •  pH Balanced for sensitive skin
  •  Leaves skin healthy, soft and silky smooth adding comfort and protection.
  •  Non-greasy. Easy to apply. Leaves skin, clothing and bed linen clean and fresh

$816 JR 1

A heavy-weight, long-lasting, cream-based moisturizer

Elta Creme provides the highest level of concentrated hydration for problem skin areas. Elta Creme melts on contact, penetrating skin cell layers to provide superior long-term moisturizing. Use daily...

$1280 TB 1

Protection for face, hands and body. Lighter lotion flows on for superior long-term moisturizing protection. Safe for sensitive skin; non-comedogenic and fragrance-free.

Heal very dry, sensitive skin with a treatment specifically formulated to repair and protect. This unique, emollient-rich formula uses trusted ingredients, and no irritating fragrances or dyes, to...

$1300 Ea

General moisturizer containing vitamins A, B5, D and E. Enriched with aloe vera, safflower oil and glycerin to provide a non-greasy product that absorbs readily into the skin. Excellent for use on...

$830 Ea
  •  Natural Corn Starch
  •  Relieves Chafed Skin Discomfort
  •  Absorbs Moisture

Used by caregivers for over 30 years, Sween Cream is formulated with natural vitamins A and D, and helps to soothe red, sore, dry skin. Non-occlusive formula will not interfere with tape adhesion and...

This creamy emulsion is a unique blend of emollients, skin conditioners and a moisturizer. TENA Cleansing Cream is ideal for frequent cleansing and moisturizing during continence care when soap and...

$1510 Ea

Vulnerable elderly skin sometimes needs extra protection that can help soothe irritated skin and prevent further breakdown. TENA Protective Cream contains zinc oxide (10% concentration) and vitamin...

$690 Ea
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