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Wheelchair Caster Wheels

Replacement wheelchair caster wheels.

Replacing wheelchair casters that have worn tires or bearings have a noticeable performance improvement. Easy to replace and well worth the effort.

When selecting your replacement caster be certain the hub width, bearing size, and caster diameter is the proper size.

Learn more about wheelchair casters.

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Pride replacement caster / anti tip wheel assembly. Replaces worn wheels completely. Includes tire, hub, and bearings. Ready to install. Fits: Quantum 640, Quantum 6000 XL, Quantum 500...

$4300 Ea

Replacement caster / tip wheel for Pride power wheelchairs. Comes complete with tire, rim, bearings. Molded-On Light Grey, Rubber Tire. Tire Can Not Be Replaced, Precision Bearing. See...

$2900 Ea
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