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Cane Accessories

Cane accessories allow the user to cuistomize his or her walking cane to suit their individual needs. Adding tripod style tips makes for a more stable feeling walk.

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  •  Replaces existing cane tip.
  •  Provides balance, stability and makes your cane self-standing.
  •  Allows cane to stand on its own.

$2200 Ea
  •  Self standing
  •  Fits all 3/4" canes
  •  Blue or green

$1995 Ea
  •  Self-Standing
  •  Bio-Medically Engineered
  •  Lightweight

$2430 Ea
  •  Allows your cane to stand by itself
  •  Sturdy non-slip rubberized material
  •  Fits all 3/4” and 7/8” cane shafts

$1500 Ea
  •  Provides added safety for icy surfaces
  •  Attaches to the bottom of many style canes

$800 Ea
  •  Three points of contact with the ground for excellent stability
  •  Tip flexes and swivels to maintain contact with the ground when the cane is at an angle
  •  Replaces the existing tip of most folding canes using the included tightening tool

$4200 Ea
  •  Provides added balance and stability on almost any surface
  •  Fits either a right or left-handed base
  •  Tip flexes as you walk to reduce impact on the hand and wrist

$3600 Ea
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  •  Fit most canes
  •  Grip the surface and absorb the shock from using a cane
  •  Reinforced with metal inserts for longevity

Invacare1049992, 1141737, 1141757
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$1180 Ea
  •  Replacement quad tips for the Nova Sugarcane
  •  Allows your cane to stand upright on flat surfaces, improves stability and traction
  •  Reduces impact on users hand and wrist

$1295 Ea

Cane Holder provides added convenience by allowing the user to hang a cane from any flat surface.

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