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Dressing Aids

Arthritis, illness, surgery or other health condition can make it difficult to get dressed and undressed. These kits and devices can help the user remain independent by reducing the effort needed to complete this essential chore.

Some of the items you will see in this section include:

  • Shoehorn
  • Reacher
  • Scrub Brush
  • Sock Aid
  • Button Hook
  • Zipper Aids

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  •  Contoured Long Scrub Sponge
  •  26" SPR Reacher
  •  24" Foam Handle Shoehorn

$4395 Ea
  •  Ideal for anyone who has difficulty dressing and bathing
  •  Excellent for those who have had a hip replacement or laminectomy
  •  Kit costs less than buying items separately

$7480 Ea
  •  Button hooks help make buttoning easier
  •  Ideal for people with weak grasp, problems with fine motor coordination, poor dexterity, or arthritis
  •  Device allows people to button using one hand

$1300 Ea
  •  Double-duty dressing aid benefits people with limited use of their fingers and hands
  •  Button hooks help make buttoning easier
  •  Small hook on the other end attaches onto hard to hold zipper tabs, making it easier to zip

$1000 Ea
  •  Helps to button hook and pull zippers
  •  Cuff contours to fit the hand
  •  Cuff is coated plastic

$2600 Ea
  •  Soft, cushioned grip
  •  Built-up handle made of rubber-like material and features flexible ribbing
  •  Get a secure, cushioned grip on hard-to-grasp buttons

$1295 Ea
  •  1" ring with a snap hook
  •  Three (3) per package
  •  Makes zipping/unzipping easier

$1100 Pk 3
  •  Lightweight plastic
  •  Hook on the end attaches to zipper tab
  •  Unique shape of handle makes this device easy to grasp and use

$1600 Ea
  •  Easy to Grasp & Use
  •  Conveniently folds to fit inside a purse or pocket
  •  Great for those with limited mobility

$795 Ea
  •  Compact and lightweight
  •  Foot slides easily on the polyester lining while the sock remains secure
  •  Slits in the plastic core allow for contour bending around the heel

$1950 Ea
  •  Accommodates feet and calves of all sizes
  •  Easy putting on socks or knee-high nylons using one or two hands
  •  Center tongue helps ease the sock onto the device

$2200 Ea
  •  Ideal for hip surgery patients to help put on socks, stockings and other clothing
  •  Bonus plastic push-pull hook at the end to retrieve objects
  •  Lacquered wood shafts measure 5/8" diameter

$1200 Ea
  •  Large and small button hooks
  •  Closed-loop buttoner
  •  Zipper-pick

$3500 Ea
  •  Durable and economical
  •  Big, soft foam handle
  •  Push-pull S-hook has a non-slip cap for better control and slides safely along the skin

$3000 Ea
  •  Circular hand guards for better grip
  •  Two per package
  •  Latex free

$6600 Pk 2
  •  Lightweight reacher/dressing stick
  •  Ideal for those with limited mobility and are looking for more independence while dressing
  •  C-hook at one end and a plastic coated push/pull hook at the other

$1200 Ea
  •  Ideal for people whose reach, dexterity or ability to bend is limited due to arthritis or back/leg injuries
  •  Designed with a push-pull S-hook at one end, and a long-handled shoehorn at the opposite end
  •  Available in two lengths

$1720 Ea
  •  Simple, easy-to-use design
  •  Can be adjusted by simply tying a knot to shorten
  •  Attaches to user’s pants and upper garment while seated and holds pants up while standing

$2200 Ea
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