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Dressing Aids

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  •  Contoured Long Scrub Sponge
  •  26" SPR Reacher
  •  24" Foam Handle Shoehorn

Ideal for people who have difficulty bending at the waist. Includes useful items such as a reacher, a sock aid and an informative booklet, After Total Hip Replacement-Living with Your New Hip, that...

These button hooks meet most buttoning needs. Ideal for those who lack fine motor coordination or have use of only one hand. Button hooks are easy to use; simply slip wire hook through button hole...

Two aids in one the Hook answers buttoning needs, and the Zipper pull attaches to hard-to-handle zipper tabs, making it easier to zip. Adds leverage to small zippers. Latex free.

A combination button hook and zipper pull. Bendable metal cuff coated with plastic, contours to fit the hand. Loops are stainless steel. Latex free.

The soft, built-up handle on the Good Grips Button Hook makes the sometimes difficult task of buttoning clothes easy. Rubber-like material features flexible ribbing that adapts to any grip. The...

The Lifestyle Essentials One Handed Buttoning Aid Hook eliminates the hassle of fumbling with buttons. This simple tool provides an easier and faster way to button pants, trousers, shirts and...

$2200 Ea
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This 1" ring with a snap hook can be attached to a regular tab, making zipping/unzipping easier. Three per package. Latex free.

$1100 Pk 3

Made of light-weight plastic. Hook on the end attaches to zipper tab. Unique shape of handle makes this device particularly easy to grasp and use. Latex free. Ring Zipper Pulls not included.

  •  Easy to Grasp & Use
  •  Conveniently folds to fit inside a purse or pocket
  •  Great for those with limited mobility

This easy-to-use sock aid is perfect for people who have difficulty bending at the waist. Features a flexible sock trough, nylon lining that lets the foot slide through the trough easily, and a terry...

The Sock-Assist is the easiest way to put on your socks if you have difficulty bending at the waist. People who have the use of only one hand will find it easy to use as well. The wide foot bed...

The Stocking Aid by Lifestyle Essentials makes it possible to put on stockings without bending. Curved cut outs on the sides hold the sock while it is being pulled up the leg. This product allows the...

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Assists in applying and removing clothing. 5/8"-diameter wooden dowel. Finished with lacquer with reinforced hook. Can also be used to push or pull objects.

The ultimate multi-tool for portable dressing needs. The four tools, large and small buttonhook, closed-loop buttoner and zipper-pick all fold neatly into a pocket-knife style handle. The Pocket...

Combines two functions in one aid dressing stick and shoehorn. One end has a high-strength plastic push-pull S-hook that retrieves clothing or other items. The other end is a long-handled shoehorn...

  •  Circular hand guards for better grip
  •  Two per package
  •  Latex free

$6600 Pk 2

The Dressing Stick by Lifestyle Essentials comes with 18" or 24" shaft has a plastic coated "S" hook at one end on both models. "C" hook on opposite side of wood model (RTL2030). Shoe horn on...

$2500 Ca 1
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