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Urology Accessories

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Dynarex Povidone Iodine Swabstick, 3s Style, Saturated with 10% Povidone Iodine Solution Swabstick is saturated with a 10% povidone iodine solution. Ideal for venipuncture, IV starts, renal...

Facilitates independent, intermittent catheterization for C6, C7 and C8 quadriplegics. Apply pressure to both handles to open spring clip. Release pressure to securely pinch ubricatheterization...

  •  Soft elastic 2" band
  •  Holds foley catheter securely
  •  Two sizes available

Dale H8410 316 1, H8410 330 1
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Statlock foley catheter securement device with swivel. These Foley securement devices have a special swivel clamp to hold urinary catheters in place. They provide releasable, lock-tight catheter...

Bard FOL0101, FOL0100
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Controls stress incontinence. Reusable, soft sponge rubber. Size by penis circumference. Nonsterile. The user places the penis between the two foam pads and the hinged clamp is squeezed shut. It...

Bard 004052, 004053, 004054
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Bard C Clamp is a thumbscrew clamp for occluding tubes, drains and the balloon inflation funnel on foley catheters. Bard C Clamp is for single use, non sterile and Latex-free.

$10450 Ca 12

LATEX FREE - DEHP FREE Multi-purpose, medical tube holder. The CATH-SECURE Dual tab is designed to extend from the center, wrap around the the tubing and anchor it tightly to the tape using a...

  •  Molded of strong, durable plastic with serrated jaws

$2230 Pk 12
  •  Made of Durable Material
  •  Design Resists Splashing, Spilling, or Tipping
  •  Calibrated

$12310 Ca 100

50-foot length latex drainage tubing for leg bag or urostomy pouch.

Hygenic 10910, 10909, 10911, 10914, 10915, 10918
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Made of foam with Velcro closure. For male patients using external urinary catheters. Helps to secure a urinary drainage sheath (external male catheter) in place without the use of adhesive. Hook &...

$1717 BX 12

CATH-SECURE is the original multi-purpose tube holder. It provides an efficient, standarized system for securing catheters and medical tubing. The device is easy to adjust and may remain in place for...

  •  Tapered Skin Barrier Edge
  •  Odor Barrier Film
  •  Drain Valve

$6920 BX 10
  •  Easy to apply and remove
  •  Hypo-Allergenic
  •  Closed-Cell Structure

$2280 BX 50
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