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Activity and Positioning Classroom Chairs

Activity chairs for special needs students provide better positioning and ease of adaptability for use in the classroom. Pediatric activity chairs are available in a wide variety of sizes and offer many accessories.

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P Pod Postural Support
  •  Suitable for all ages
  •  Molded foam liner that provides optimal postural support
  •  Bolster Support which assists with upright positioning

$1,36700 Ea
PAL Classroom Seat
  •  Wooden chair with adjustable backrest angle
  •  Four height adjustable chair legs
  •  Wipe clean material used on seat and back pad

$85400 Ea
First Class School Chair
Parts Available
  •  Height / Depth adjustable seat w/ 15 degree anterior or posterior tilt
  •  Height / Width adjustable Armrest
  •  Adjustable Pelvic Belt

$42400 Ea
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Kaye Adjustable Tilting Therapy Bench
$18500 Ea
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Kaye Kinder Chair

Seating is important in linking a child's postural control with functional movements of the upper extremities. Children with CP have a particularly difficult time maintaining their balance in...

$35400 Ea
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Kaye Scoot-About
$27800 Ea
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Leckey Contoured Advance Seat Size 1
  •  High Low Base
  •  Adjustable Seat Depths
  •  Adjustable Seat Widths

Leckey Contoured Advance Seat Size 2
  •  For Home, School, or Clinical Environments
  •  Floor to tabletop height-adjustable

Leckey Contoured Advance Seat Size 3
  •  Height-adjustable Chassis
  •  Tilt-in-space Functionality
  •  Multi-positional Lower Back

Leckey Corner Sitter
  •  Adjustable Angle Back
  •  Three Sizes Available
  •  Adjustable Depth

MSS Tilt & Recline Seating System
$1,27500 Ea
Rifton Medium Hi/Lo Base Activity Chair
Parts Available
  •  Therapist-guided Design
  •  Tool Free Adjustments
  •  Wide Range of Optional Accessories

$3,69000 Ea
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