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Stoma Paste, Glue & Powder

With or without sutures, medical glue is an essential in keeping the skin in place for patients with open wounds, healing or securing stomas, as well as aiding in the adaptation process while healing takes place. Keeping the skin clean and dry is important as well, which is why Southwest Medical also offers specially formulated medical powder can also aid significantly in the healing process.

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Protects raw and weeping skin by creating a sticky gel. Use sparingly to absorb moisture or exudate from skin prior to placing a skin barrier on peristomal skin. Convenient to use; squeeze bottle...

$930 Ea
  •  Improve the fit of a skin barrier
  •  Low-alcohol paste helps to minimize stinging
  •  Paste tube can be emptied down to the last drop

$1170 Ea

Protects skin from irritating fluids. Skin is protected from stomal discharge by Karaya, a natural hydrocolloid offering unique chemical properties. Convenient to use; fills in depressions and evens...

$1720 Ea

For use over irritated skin. Forms a dry, protective layer. "Puff" bottle. Protects raw and weeping skin by creating a sticky gel; Karaya, a natural hydrocolloid, has unique skin care properties. Use...

$1500 Ea

Designed specifically for the patient with a continent diversion, sigmoid colostomy or mucous fistula. This small, waterproof, comfortable skin protective dressing is virtually unnoticable through...

$6820 Bx 50

Molds into a variety of shapes for secure skin protection; conforms to body contours, deep skin folds and fistulas. Advanced formula increases product wear time; maximizes confidence and security...

$1480 BX 10

Medena Continent Ostomy Catheters are the leading catheters for continent ostomies, preferred by the majority of user for comfortable, easy and effective catheterization. Provides comfortable...

$1160 Ea
  •  Comfortable to wear
  •  The ideal tape-supported absorbent pad for use by the regulated colostomate
  •  Strong adhesive for secure holding power

$1900 BX 30

Fits on any pouch; easy to install and use. Release air buildup whenever and wherever necessary. Durable polymer air release vent attaches to pouch and bonds permanently.

$1850 Pk 10

Designed specifically to absorb ileostomy pouch contents. Conveniently packaged in a dissolvable film packet, which is dropped into the pouch each time the pouch is emptied or cleaned. As the pouch...

$3354 BX 100

Stoma paste is used as a "caulk" to fill in uneven skin surfaces where leakage around an appliance may occur. The "caulking" protects the skin around the stoma. Contains alcohol. - Not for use on...

$990 Ea

Protex Powder pad/karaya ring worn under appliance for protection from drainage coming in contact with the skin. Karaya seals.

$2280 Pk 10

Hyrocolloid-based protective skin barrier. Use as a filler in uneven skin surfaces to help increase ostomy system wear-time and protect skin.

$1250 Ea

Prevents leakage under skin barrier to extend wear time. Squeeze bottle.

$1000 Ea
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