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Pediatric Wheelchairs

Kids and teens have different needs and wants than adults when looking for a wheelchair. This category showcases devices that are specifically designed with that in mind. These wheelchairs come in a variety of frame colors and are typically lightweight and adjustable - allowing them to grow with a child. Most of all, these wheelchairs are easy to operate - which makes them perfect for the child and their caregivers.

Things to consider when selecting a kid’s wheelchair:
Child’s size and weight - The size and weight of the child will provide the seat size and height of the chair needed. Adding an additional inch or two to the seat width will allow the chair to continue to fit as they grow.

Chair weight and ability to transport - Heavier chairs are more difficult to maneuver, especially without assistance. When the wheelchair needs to be transported with the child, what options does the chair have to fold down for easier transport?

Support needed - Depending on the support the child needs in the torso and legs, some wheelchairs (or chair accessories like seat cushions or legplates) may work better than others to ensure better posture and comfort during use.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 800-236-4215. We’d be happy to assist you with finding the correct wheelchair and accessory options.

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  •  Orange, Red and Blue colored steel frame
  •  Three seat width sizes: 12”, 14” & 16”
  •  Nylon upholstery with back pocket

$25900 Ea
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  •  Heat Treated aerospace 7000 series aluminum
  •  Designed to provide plenty of room for growth
  •  Hydroformed caster housing

$1,85625 Ea
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  •  Folding frame
  •  Growth capabilities
  •  Designed just for kids

$1,92855 Ea
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  •  Special aluminum alloys make the Quickie IRIS one of the lightest manual rotation-in-space chairs in today's market.
  •  The Quickie IRIS features a special angle-adjustable stroller handle that quickly adjusts to a variety of caregiver heights.
  •  A patent-pending backpost bracket allows repositioning of the backpost seat-depth without removing the attaching hardware.

$1,94625 Ea
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  •  Pediatric-Specific Design
  •  XLOCK® Crossbrace for Performance and Convenience
  •  Z-finity® System for Lower Extremity Positioning

$1,82800 Ea
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  •  One-arm drive available
  •  Designed to interface with a wide variety of seating systems
  •  Available in 14 standard and 3 custom colors

$1,61250 Ea
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  •  The Zippie TS fixed frame version features the benefits of rigid support along with the advantage of built-in expandability.
  •  With fold-down backrests and quick-release wheels, it is still small enough to fit easily in a small trunk or backseat.
  •  The Zippie TS can serve as either a dependent or an independent mobility base.

$2,02500 Ea
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  •  Folding frame
  •  Reclines easily from 90 to 180 degrees
  •  Elevating Legrests are included

$1,02000 Ea
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  •  16" Seat to Floor Height
  •  Black Nylon Upholstery
  •  Adjustable Height Back w/ 10 degree bend

$59500 Ea
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  •  Ready to grow straight out of the box
  •  Full Adjustability
  •  Center Mount Anti-Tip with Single Swivel Caster

$2,27200 Ea
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  •  Folding or nonfolding backrest.
  •  Designed for a child's self-propulsion.
  •  Low seat heights help to facilitate a child's independent transfers.

$2,38250 Ea
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  •  An ergonomic seat with 15° knee flexion and 90° seat-to-back relationship
  •  Pneumatic tires and a front swivel caster for smooth ride
  •  Lateral leg and trunk supports

$85300 Ea
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  •  Tubular Component System (TCS)
  •  Crescent CG System
  •  One of the lightest chairs on the market

$1,77900 Ea
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  •  Height and angle adjustable flip-back armrests
  •  Aluminum Frame
  •  Height adjustable push handles

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