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Adaptive Eating Utensils

For the elderly as well as the disabled, eating can sometimes be challenging without the use of adaptive silverware. Adaptive eating utensils are perfect solutions, designed with the sole purpose of giving those with debilitating conditions, the ability to feed themselves. Items such as weighted utensils or utensil holders which are specifically designed for those that suffer from tremors that affect their hands. Southwest Medical offers several different assortments of silverware for the adaptive user to help ensure that "disability", does not always mean "inability".

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  •  Ideal for individuals with limited or no grasp
  •  Plastic-coated handles that are bent 90°
  •  Dishwasher safe

$2000 Ea
  •  For a quadriplegic user
  •  Fits right or left hand
  •  Does not fit built-up handles

$3300 Ea
  •  Utensil holder helps you grip your silverware while eating
  •  Easy to use, it holds your existing silverware
  •  Ideal for elderly, those with disabilities, and people with a weak grasp

$1200 Ea
  •  Complete with strong, white cotton webbing
  •  Hook & loop with D-ring for easy adjustment
  •  Fits all types of utensils

$1600 Ea
  •  High-quality plastic and a washable, reusable and reliable nylon strap
  •  Features a hook & loop strap that provides an individualized fit
  •  BPA, Phthalates and Latex free

$2500 Ea
  •  Pocket holds assorted utensils
  •  Velcro® closure with handy D-ring eases slipping on and off
  •  Adjusts to hand

$1600 Ea
  •  Designed specifically for a child's hand
  •  Washable nylon and plastic
  •  BPA, Phthalates and Latex free

$2100 Ea

A host of ways to make eating, writing and other activities easier. Adjusts to fit the individual and are designed to slip comfortably on and off for increased independence. Half-cone-shaped plastic...

$2200 Ea
  •  Notched pocket lets utensil enter easily
  •  Velcro® closure
  •  Fits MCP width 3.25"–4.25"

$1900 Ea
  •  Plastic Holder grips sandwich
  •  Dishwasher safe up to 125°F
  •  BPA, Phthalates and Latex free

$3500 Ea
  •  Designed to assist people with hand arthritis and joint pain
  •  All utensils feature a thick handle for a more comfortable and secure grip
  •  Built-up handles are easier for arthritic hands to grasp without pain

$9200 Pk 5
  •  Soft, cushion grip that prevents the utensil from slipping in the hand
  •  Large, easy-to-hold handles
  •  Dishwasher safe

$1095 Ea
  •  Extra weight helps minimize tremors while eating
  •  6 oz. (170 g) of added weight in the built-up handle
  •  Select utensil when ordering

$1195 Ea
  •  Expandable elastic Goodie-Strap fits almost any size hand
  •  Fits all Good Grips® utensils and other large or built-up handles
  •  Machine wash and air dry

$515 Ea
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