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Ostomy Odor Control & Deodorant Drops

Take back your comfort and peace of mind! With options that accommodate both colostomy and ileostomy patients alike, Southwest Medical has a full selection of ostomy odor eliminator drops and other means of odor control to make the task of ostomy care easy, clean and sanitary.

If you have any questions or need help, call toll-free any of our customer service representatives and they will be happy to help!

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  •  Makes emptying the pouch fast and easy
  •  Keeps pouch interior clean
  •  Deoderant neutralizes odors

$2020 Ea
  •  No rinsing needed
  •  Pump dispenser
  •  Safe for neonatal use

$1290 Ea

A pouch lubricant + deodorizer in one. Powder-fresh liquid neutralizes odor and allows output to slide to the bottom of the pouch for easier emptying.

$1540 BX 20

For oral use. Chewable tablets. Bismuth subgallate formula provides immediate odor control from ostomies and fecal incontinence.

$2290 Ea

Charcoal-activated deodorizing filter. Self-sealing foam center adheres to any pouch. Latex-free.

$3980 Pk 50
  •  Non-aerosol spray used to successfully control airborne odors
  •  One spray eliminates odors for hours in an average room
  •  2 oz. spray bottle

$500 Ea

Effectively and safely cleans urinary drainage systems. Specially formulated for use with urinary drainage system; pH balanced and non-acidic. Free wash bottle included.

$1620 Ea
  •  Dropper Bottle (For the Pouch)
  •  No Perfume
  •  No Masking

  •  Spray Bottle (For Rooms)
  •  No Perfume
  •  No Masking

Effectively cleans/deodorizes plastic and rubber urinary appliances in just 10 minutes.

$2916 Ea
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