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Insertion Trays / Kits

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  •  Sterile Contents
  •  Bi-level sequentially packed tray
  •  Plastic catheter

  •  Includes 14Fr Red Rubber Urethral Catheter
  •  3 PVP swabsticks
  •  Latex gloves

  •  Sterile Contents
  •  Bi-level sequentially packed tray
  •  Red Rubber catheter

Mono-Flo Antireflux Device Foley Tray with Safeguard Needleless Sampling Port and Splashguard II is 14 Fr., 5 cc, two-way, and features 17" Curity Drain Bag (6308).

Compact tray features all components for urethral catheterization. All trays feature: CSR wrap, underpad, blue nitrile exam gloves, lubricating jelly, PVP antiseptic and specimen container.

Features all the components for urethral catheterization. Contents: 1000ml collection bag with pre-attached 14 Fr, 14in catheter, sterile lubricating jelly, and CSR wrap.

Sequence-packed in a Bilevel configuration which separates prepping components from catheterization components. Prepping components include: drape, underpad, latex gloves, forceps, rayon balls, 5g...

Kit includes: pair of vinyl gloves, towel, 3 Iodophor swabsticks, 3g lubricant packet and label. BARD urine specimen kits offer a closed system that reduces the risk of specimen contamination and...

  •  14 Fr Plastic Catheter
  •  1000ml Collection Bag
  •  Drape, Under-Pad, Forceps,rayon Balls,

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