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Skin Barrier Cream, Lotion & Ointment

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  •  No sting, alcohol free protection
  •  Quick drying
  •  72 hour protection

$2099 BX 50

Use skin barrier spray or wipes to avoid irritation to the skin around the stoma. Forms a light, breathable barrier that protects against urine, feces, and adhesives. Simply apply to the skin with a...

AllKare Protective Barrier Wipes provide a barrier film layer on skin used under tapes, skin barriers, adhesive, and hydrocolloid dressings to help protect against irritation, excoriation and...

$1270 BX 50

Soothes red, sore or irritated skin from urine burns, diaper rash, feces, or wound drainage. Provides protection as a moisture barrier. Conditions the skin while repelling moisture. Hypoallergenic...

Offers superior moisturizing relief for severely dry, scaly and cracked skin conditions. Contains 10% urea and 5% alphahydroxy acid.

  •  Individually packaged
  •  Provides clear, dry barrier
  •  Provides seal of protection.

$940 Bx 50

BARD Protective Barrier Film Remover effectively removes barrier films and adhesives in a convenient disposable wipe.

$1560 BX 50

Zinc oxide moisture barrier cream containing 2% Miconazole Nitrate. For the treatment of most superficial skin irritations caused by yeast (Candidasis), jock itch, ring worm and athlete's foot.

No-rinse, pH balanced cleansing lotion. One step provides mild cleansing, a breathable skin barrier and moisturization.

Petrolatum-based skin protectant with natural vitamins A and D and skin conditioners. Aids in the prevention and treatment of diaper dermatitis and helps protect skin from moisture and wetness. CHG...

Zinc oxide and dimethicone with petrolatum; natural vitamins A, D and E. Provides everyday wetness protection and aids in the prevention and treatment of diaper dermatitis.

$1420 TB 1
  •  Easy to remove formula prevents skin tearing
  •  Antimicrobial ingredients help to reduce odor
  •  Gentle formula helps prevent skin breakdown, infections and odor

Helps to protect and heal skin irritations from incontinence, minor burns, scrapes, diaper rash or wound drainage. Temporarily relieves discomfort and itching. Provides a multipurpose moisture...

  •  Protects sensitive skin from chafing, chapping, and cracking
  •  Provides excellent protection around gastrostomy and other tubes.
  •  Ideal to help soothe diaper rash.

$6599 Ca 12
  •  Helps prevent incontinence associated dermatitis
  •  Peristomal/Peritube skin protection
  •  Periwound skin protection

Protects and conditions sensitive, excoriated, inflamed skin resulting from contact with caustic diarrhea or enzymatic drainage. Thick, rich paste is easy to apply. For severe incontinence.

$1750 TB 1

pH balanced zinc-nutrient formulation. Provides a protective barrier to promote healing. For stage I and II pressure sores and preventive skin care.

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