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Hydraulic Patient Lifts

A hydraulic or manual patient lift is a type of assistive device that is used by a caregiver to facilitate safe patient transfers. They use hydraulic fluid as the force to move the hoist mechanism to moves the patient. These devices can be portable/freestanding, which allows them to be easily moved to where they are needed.

These lifts help protect patients from injuring themselves while moving around while also helping protect caregivers from physical injuries or strains due to physically lifting the patient.

Like the power patient lifts, hydraulic patient lifts need a lift sling which holds the user while the hoist mechanism moves the patient.

While 'Hoyer lifts' is commonly used when referring to all patient lifts, Hoyer is just a well-known brand name that makes these types of devices. In addition to Hoyer, we have patient lifts from other manufacturers such as Drive Medical, Invacare and Molift.

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