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Lightweight Wheelchairs

Lightweight wheelchairs range from the more basic manual wheelchairs to a very highly customizable options that can be configured to your exact needs.

These wheelchairs weigh roughly 30-35 pounds which is noticeably less than standard transport wheelchairs (typically 40-50 pounds). Ultralight wheelchairs are an even lighter option weighing in at 20-30 pounds. Because of their lighter weight, lightweight wheelchairs are more portable - making lifting or carrying when loading into a vehicle much easier.

The lightweight wheelchairs have frame options including the ability to fold the frame down for easier storage as well as different metal options (like Titanium) that can further reduce the chair weight. Wheelchairs specifically designed for use playing sports - which requires not only lighter weight but enhanced maneuverability - can also be found in this category.

If you need assistance going through a wheelchair’s customization options, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives who would be happy to make sure you have the information you need to make an informed decision.