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Patient Hygiene

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  •  2 quart capacity
  •  Hot or cold
  •  Wide mouth filler

Jobar JB5568
  » Patient Care   » Patient Hygiene

Has Rectal bone, vaginal bone, and shut off clamp. Can be used for enema or douche. Individually poly bagged.

DuroMed / DMI Mabis DEDMB42-842-000
  » Patient Care   » Patient Hygiene

Specially formulated to remove soils, dead skin cells, perspiration, and other debris without irritation.

Autodrop™ Eyedropper Aid. For easier, more accurate eyedrop instillation. Clips onto most eyedrop bottles and holds bottle at correct angle over eye. Special cup prevents blinking by keeping lower...

  •  Ergonomic brush design allows greater user comfort and effectiveness, ultimately improving compliance.
  •  Soft sponge provides gentle cleaning on irritated areas or when firm mechanical action is not required.
  •  Proprietary polyethylene soft bristles enhance mechanical action while reducing skin irritation.

Carefusion 58371603BX
  » Patient Care   » Patient Hygiene
$3830 BX 30

The original nasal moisturizer designed specifically for people on oxygen therapy, via nasal cannula and/or CPAP/BIPAP mask, who suffer from dry nasal passages. Works on contact and provides...

  •  Vented Bowl
  •  2000cc Graduated Bag
  •  60" Kink Resistant Tubing

Carex FGP70800
  » Patient Care   » Patient Hygiene
  •  8 heavyweight washcloths/pack (8" x 8")
  •  Rinse-free cleansing & moisturizing
  •  Can be warmed in microwave

  •  8 medium-weight washcloths/pack (8" x 8")
  •  Odor Eliminator; Rinse-free cleansing & moisturizing
  •  Can be warmed in microwave

EZ-Shampoo is so simple, fast and comfortable it's head and shoulders above the rest. The unique EZ-Shampoo inflatable sink fills the need for an easy, refreshing shampoo for patients confined to...

EZ-Shower - 1-year warranty, Products shown are sold separately. Now available in retail peg box. Constructed of heavy-duty vinyl; holds up to 2.5 gallons of water. Shown here with the EZ Shampoo...

This hamper stand by Drive Medical features a white, poly-coated 18" x 19" steel lid that can be raised or lowered easily by a non-slip pedal. The hamper supports 36 to 42-gallon bags and glides...

$14600 Ca 1
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No-Rinse™ Shampoo - 16 oz Apply, massage, towel dry. Requires no water. Mild, fast and gentle.

No-Rinse™ Shampoo - 8 oz Apply, massage, towel dry. Requires no water. Mild, fast and gentle.

OPTIPORE Sponge is a sterile, soft, highly porous, polyurethane sponge that is designed for low-friction cleansing. Its butterfly shape makes it easy to handle and use.

Perox-A-Mint solution helps mechanically clean and debride with 1.5% hydrogen peroxide. Ideal for use with Toothette Swabs.

Concepts In Confidence offers a different, faster acting, safe and sure 10mg. bisacodyl suppository, The Magic Bullet! To see the difference, compare it to Dulcolax, other bisacodyls...

$9430 BX 100

Mouth Moisturizer helps soothe and moisturize with vitamin E and coconut oil and as a pleasant, minty taste. Mouth Moisturizer's water-based formula means it is perfect for the inside of the mouth to...

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