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Wheelchair Wheel Locks

An important safety feature for any manual wheelchair, Wheelchair wheel locks limit the movement of the wheelchair making it easier to transfer into and out of the wheelchair. They help reduce the need to hold uncomfortable positions and avoid unnecessary counterbalancing.

Our wheel locks are made by the same manufacturers that make some of the most popular wheelchairs available - Quickie, TiLite, Ki Mobility and Invacare to name a few.

Push/pull locks are the standard lock for a manual wheelchair. Refers to whether the user needs to push or pull a lever to lock the wheel in place.

Wheel lock extensions are designed to provide users with limited reach access to the push/pull lever so they can lock their wheelchair.

When you purchase a wheel lock, you’ll need to select if you intend to install the lock on the left or right side. Some have an additional option to buy the locks as a pair to get a left and right side lock.

If you need assistance finding the wheel locks that will work best for you, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives who can go through your options and make recommendations for your chair.