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Self-Care Hygiene Aids

A home outfitted to accommodate an adaptive lifestyle would not be complete without self care tools. Items as simple as hair washing aids and other personal hygiene assistive devices can make living a fulfilling and independent life practical, and possible. Southwest Medical offers a great selection of products from trusted brands to help you maintain your freedom at home.

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  •  Lightweight
  •  Easy to use
  •  Economical Toilet Aid

$1495 Ea
$7900 Ea
  •  Perfect depth everytime
  •  Right or left hand use
  •  4 1/2" reach

$11000 Ea

18" long toenail clipper. Effective device for people with limited movement. Trigger action gives increased leverage for cutting - clips thick toenails with ease. Use with right or left hand. Latex...

$17000 Ea

Weighted Cuff for Disposable Razor. This cuff secures a disposable razor and has a strap that easily and comfortably attaches over the users hand, with hidden weights that steady a shaky hand.

$5900 Ea

The plastic vinyl contoured handles improve grasp and control. They securely hold most toothbrushes and razors. Accommodates items up to .5" (1.3cm) in diameter.

$4800 Ea

Increased tweezer length and cylindrical back provide stability for tweezing accuracy. Designed for arthritic hands. Optimized tension reduces small, painful pinching motions. Alignment feature...

$3800 Ea

Velcro strap with big D-ring holds brush for those with minimal hand function. Widely spaced plastic bristles have tiny bulbs on tips to glide easily through hair with minimal pull. Latex...

$3300 Ea

Stand holds dryer steady for one-handed styling and drying, or leaves two hands free to manipulate styling instruments. Hair dryer (not included) nestles securely in foam padded clamp on top of a...

$5500 Ea

Designed to hold either an electric or a safety razor. This handy aid assists a person in shaving their legs if they have a hard time reaching down.

$5400 Ea

Nail file and clipper combination set is designed for people who can’t grasp or use small hand-held implements. The nail care items are mounted on a smoke-colored, Plexiglas base with non-skid...

$5600 Ea

A compact battery powered manicure and pedicure set, it can be used on natural and artificial nails and is ideally suited for diabetic foot care. Remove calluses and reduce overly thick toenails...

$5410 Ea

This standard size nail clipper is securely attached to a plastic base. Two suction-cup feet provide stability and prevent slippage. Ideal for people with arthritis or limited pinching ability. Board...

$1950 Ea

Designed for people with weak grasp or use of only one hand. Deluxe model has durable base with pivoting nail clipper. Arched ramp accommodates different finger thicknesses. Replaceable emery...

$3600 Ea

Strong and durable nail clipper can be used with only one hand. Gentle pressure on the lever easily clips nails. Non-skid bumpers prevent it from sliding.

$7000 Ea

The molded finger and thumb grips on these trimmers allow easy gripping and greater leverage. Serrated stainless steel blades are angled upwards. Strong blades cut through even the toughest nails...

$1995 Ea

Waterless bathing! Two-sided, non-woven, soap-free and rinse-free glove contains a protective washing lotion that is gentle to the skin and impregnated with a hypoallergenic moisturizing cleansing...

$912 BX 12
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