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Torkel Toilet Tissue Aid

Manufacturer: etac
Part Number: E80304001
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Etac Torkel paper tongs improves privacy and makes it possible to manage intimate hygiene tasks that has a high priority for everyone. When grip and mobility functions are restricted, these tongs can be used for toilet paper, wash cloths or small towels. Torkel can be disinfected and also withstand boiling.

The spring clamp easily opens to release tissue paper. Measures 10" (25 cm) long.

The open, vertical handle and the horizontal clamp both measure 6" (15 cm) long.


Step 1

Tear off a piece of toilet paper (approx. 40 cm / 16). Open the tongs by squeezing the handle, then thread the paper between the tongs.


Step 2

Roll the paper loosely around the tongs so that it covers the tip.


Step 3

Put the tongs between the legs and wipe.


Step 4

Open the tongs and shake the used toilet paper into the toilet.


Length: 10"
Material: Polyamide plastic


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