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Granstand 3 III MSS Standing Frame

Manufacturer: Prime Engineering
Part Number: GRANDIII
Retail Price: $3,295.00
Price: $2,650.00 Ea

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Granstand III Modular Standing System supplies a completely modular approach to upright standing, supplying unprecedented growth capabilities, No Transfers Needed Technology, best standing position available, multi-function frame and custom capabilities for children and adults. Granstand III MSS allows configurations or upgrades as a manual stander, assisted manual stander or a fully hydraulic assisted stander. The Granstand III MSS grows with a child from 3' tall to an adult of 6' 5" without the need to replace the stander.

Granstand III MSS stands clients directly from their wheelchair or other seated surface, requiring No Transfers and No Lifting, eliminating risky transfers and/or lifting by the caregiver as with other products.

Custom configurations for height, weight or other specialized needs are available by request. Granstand III MSS innovative design features allow proper adjustments to facilitate complete hip extension for maximum weight bearing and comfortable contracture control, supplying the optimum standing benefit to the client. Add one of the Adjustable Foot Systems for foot height, depth, toe-in, toe-out, width and planter-flexion or dorsi-flexion angle adjustments when needed. Individual adjustability for tray height, tray depth, chest pad height and chest pad depth allow optimum positioning with tool-free, quick adjustments. The expandable frame accommodates multiple chair styles in its standard configuration with minimal space requirements.

Granstand III MSS 27 1/2" wide base fits through standard doorways, allowing easy mobility and function within the home or clinic.

Transfer Capable: Addition of either a height or multi-adjustable foot system allows this multi-functional frame to be used not only as a standing device, but as a patient lift and transfer device also. This easy-to-use feature assists in maintaining clients seated posture and eliminates repositioning in the chair after use. Clients are lifted and transferred comfortably in a standing position without the disorientation and repositioning that is associated with many overhead-style lifting devices.

Full Modular Construction allows the Grandstand III MSS to be changed, grown or upgraded to fill the clients needs on an ongoing basis. Contoured body support sling raises and lowers the client without the risk of shear and other damaging forces. No Transfer Design eliminates risky transfers and chance of injury. Reliable hydraulic lift mechanism supplies smooth lift during use. Multi-functional base design allows for proper and safe lifting from wheelchairs, beds, mat tables and other seated surfaces without stress on the client or caregiver. Multiple foot systems allow for the Grandstand III MSS to be mobile and function as a stander, lift, transfer device or just be moved when needed. Full adjustability allows for intimate custom fit to support all of your standing needs Grandstand III MSS supplies unprecedented growth potential with the greatest client height range available anywhere. Space saving design uses minimum floor space during use or storage. All steel frame construction for maximum durability. Unprecedented growth, ability to easily change and update, durable construction, multi-functional frame and modular design make Granstand III Modular Standing System the best economic value in the market.


Base Dimensions: Closed Legs: 27 1/2in Wide 40 1/4in Deep
Legs Open: 35 1/2 Wide 40 1/4 Deep
Standard Tray Size: 24in Wide x 18in Deep
Patient Height: Standard Foot Sysytem: 5'6" to 6'5"
Optional Foot System: 4'6" to 6'5"
Weight Capacity: 250lbs



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The Product is well made. A quality device. I was surprised to see the quality of the even the casters. I would recommend it to anyone who needs it.