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Wheelchair Hand Rims

Upgrade the look and function of your wheelchair wheels.

Wheelchair handrims are available in various styles, shapes, and coatings. The ergonomic handrim is shaped to relieve hands of fatigue and allow a better grip. Vinyl coated handrims provide a more tactile grip, ideal, for users who have weaker grip. The projection style wheelchair handrim is designed to allow the wheelchair user who has little or no hand function to propel independently.

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  •  Designed for both indoor and outdoor use
  •  Perfect for ultralight wheelchairs
  •  Available in 4 stylish colors

  •  Best Ergo Wheelchair Handrim
  •  Achieve better performance and effciency.
  •  Ease pain in the hands and wrists

$23700 Pr
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  •  Outstanding grip on any part of the handrim.
  •  Maximum control when braking.
  •  Unsurpassed durability

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  •  Includes mounting hardware
  •  Fits Quickie mag and spoke wheels
  •  20, 22, and 24" sizes

$9900 Ea
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The first removable, changeable and washable wheelchair grip ring cover provides a softer, larger, grip surface. It lets users easily increase their grip strength to provide more traction, even on...

With a soft smooth finish, these grips improve traction, promote proper hand placement, and cushion hands to protect against injury. Thermal insulation shields hands from cold metal rims. Installs...

Foam disks laminated to fabric hide spokes and help protect fingers. Hook & loop fasteners provide quick attachment. Sold in pairs

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