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Pediatric Walkers

While similar to adult walkers, pediatric walkers are different in several ways. Pediatric walkers usually have the more adjustment options to take the child’s growth into account. Some of these walkers can also provide postural correction and gait training as well. A pediatric walker will work best when a child can bear weight while taking steps and just needs the walker for balance support.

Southwest Medical has some walker options that have either 2- or 4-wheel designs. Some include a seat so the child can rest without needing to find a seat else or sitting on the floor or ground. Walkers in this section can come as either an anterior (more of the device is in front of the child) or posterior (more of the device is behind the child) device. How much the child will be distracted by the device being in front of them, can help determine which option may work best. Most of these walkers come in a fun red or blue color which helps them stand out.

If the child you are considering a walker for needs to learn to walk, improve their walking ability, develop weight-bearing strength or develop a healthier gait, then a pediatric gait trainer would be a better choice.

If you need more information or assistance selecting a pediatric walker, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives who can go through your options and make recommendations for your child.