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Walker Wagon

Manufacturer: Kaye Products
Part Number: WWX
Price: $325.00 Ea
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The Walker Wagon may help developmentally delayed children learn to walk in a more normal sequence, the KAYE Walker Wagon was designed to provide a stable support. It provides support and stability for children ages 1-4 with hypotonia due to developmental delays who often lack confidence to begin ambulation.

The handle is offset to provide room for adequate stride length as the child begins to take steps. The wheels are intentionally fixed in one direction, which limits the learning variables in early walking. The handle is adjustable up and down to assist an upright posture. The Kaye Walker Wagon has space for things or toys in the forward box-like compartment.


Overall Width: 18.5"
Inside Width: 14.75"
Height from floor to top of handle (Small): 15" - 25"
Height from floor to top of handle (Large): 21" - 31"
Size of storage space: 15"W x 9"D