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Knee Walkers

Knee walkers (also called knee scooters) are a popular alternative to crutches, canes or regular walkers for people with many foot and ankle injuries where only one leg is affected.

Knee walkers allow the user to propel themselves forward using their unaffected leg while providing non-weight bearing rest for their injured leg. These devices are not motorized, have a resting platform for your knee/leg, handlebars and four wheels. Knee walkers also have hand breaks to help the user control their speed and prevent injury.

These devices typically come in two styles:
Standard - best for inside your home due to their typically smaller in size which allows for easier movement around corners, down hallways and going into smaller spaces (like bathrooms or closets).

All-Terrain - best for outdoor spaces as their larger frame and wheels allow for easier movement on grass, gravel, dirt and snow/icy conditions.

In addition to selecting the correct style, Knee walkers can be customized further with accessories like baskets and knee/leg cushions.