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Medication Containers

On a daily or weekly basis, a medication organizer can make keeping up with your medication regime. Pill containers also give you the ability to portion and plan out medication amounts days in advance, that way you have more peace of mind and freedom to focus on other aspects of daily living. To give even further ability and control to adjust dosages, pill splitters allow you to cut pills into 1/2 and even 1/4 portions to make sure you are getting just the right amount as prescribed. Southwest Medical offers several options from trusted brands of medication containers and pill splitters to give you the best options available.

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Labeled Morning, Lunch, Afternoon and Evening. Helps patients stay on track with daily medication. Size: 8 5/16" x 5 5/8" x 1 1/2".

$1400 Ea

With Pill Grip. Double-beveled German steel blade stays sharp. Optical grade polycarbonate. Flexible non-slip cutting surface. For use on coated and uncoated tablets up to 1/2" in diameter.

$1800 Ea
  •  Easy to read compartments
  •  7 removable daily planners
  •  Raised lettering & highlighted braille

$1300 Ea

Fills the need for increase in 2x per day dosing regimens. Large compartments with contoured walls for easy pill removal. AM/PM color band for sight impaired.

$1000 Ea

Cuts pill cleanly to make it easier to swallow or to provide half the dosage. Simply press the lid tightly on the pill and the stainless-steel cutting edge safely splits the pill. For use on coated...

$1299 Ea

Disposable cups eliminate need for cleanup and danger of cross contamination. Heavy rim eliminates sharp nesting points, reinforces against breakage, and seals one cup against another in shipping...

$525 Pk 1

Medi-Planner II - 28 compartments Pill storage unit organizes a week's worth of medication. Accommodates dosage schedules up to 4 medication times a day. The easy-open lids are labeled in both...

$950 Ea

Durable case features easy view mesh pocket to organize diabetic supplies for the day. Includes one On the Go Sharps Transport & Disposal unit; the first and only personal sharps disposal...

Unique tool helps open medicine bottles. Tears off tamper-evident seal, removes cap after arrows are lined up, punctures foil liner and pulls out cotton. Package of 6.

$1295 Pk 6

Cuts pills in clean, even portions. Eliminate the mess and inaccuracies of dividing medication. Easily cuts pills without the risk of cutting the hand. Compact design is convenient for travel...

$800 Ea
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