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Automotive Aids

The ease of attaining transportation is just as important as being able to travel yourself! Car mobility aids as simple as a car handle can be instrumental in making the process of how to transfer from a wheelchair to your car, exponentially easier as well as safer. Southwest Medical offers several car-aid options from trusted brands to help bring back your mobility freedom.

If you have any questions or need help, call toll-free any of our customer service representatives and they will be happy to help!

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  •  Easy to use
  •  Use in multiple vehicles
  •  Portable

$2700 Ea
  •  Flexible, lightweight handle
  •  Easily snaps onto the auto safety belt
  •  Glow-in-the-dark material offers high visibility at night

$1500 Ea
  •  Easy Storage
  •  Easy To Use
  •  Works With Most Automobiles

$3350 Ea
  •  Plastic frame features adjustable tension
  •  Leather hand loop holds up to five keys
  •  Latex free

$3300 Ea
  •  Chrome - plated steel rod with plastic balls screwed on each end
  •  Holds up to 10 keys
  •  Latex free

$3000 Ea
  •  Different colors aid in key/lock identification
  •  Triples the leverage supplied by the average key head
  •  Package of 2

$1200 Ea
  •  Handle can be grasped in two ways
  •  Fits 1 or 2 keys
  •  Holds house door keys as well as most car keys

$2300 Ea
  •  2 or 4 Keys
  •  Keys Fold Away
  •  Durable Easy To Use

$1700 Ea
  •  Holds up to 3 keys on center position
  •  Helps position key for maximum leverage
  •  Latex free

$3600 Ea
  •  Comfortable Grip
  •  Ergo Shape
  •  One or Two Keys

$1200 Ea
  •  Top is soft, breathable material
  •  Anti-slip bottom
  •  Supports up to 350 lbs

$8600 Ea
  •  Polyfoam-padded cushion helps prevent back and hip strain
  •  Ideal for getting in and out of vehicles
  •  Available with a gray, velour cover or a fleece cover

$5900 Ea
  •  Swivel seat allows individual to turn up to 360 degrees
  •  Makes getting on or off a seat or chair easy and comfortable
  •  Durable and stable

$2900 Ea
FREE Shipping 
  •  Two-key holder
  •  Provides additional leverage for turning key
  •  Keys attach easily with screws

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