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Automotive Aids

The ease of attaining transportation is just as important as being able to travel yourself! Car mobility aids as simple as a car handle can be instrumental in making the process of how to transfer from a wheelchair to your car, exponentially easier as well as safer. Southwest Medical offers several car-aid options from trusted brands to help bring back your mobility freedom.

If you have any questions or need help, call toll-free any of our customer service representatives and they will be happy to help!

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  •  Easy to use
  •  Use in multiple vehicles
  •  Portable

$2700 Ea

Allows the user to grasp seat belt while decreasing shoulder and reach extension. The handle length is approximately 5.5" long. Overall length is 9.25". Glow-in-the-dark material offers high...

$1500 Ea
  •  Easy Storage
  •  Easy To Use
  •  Works With Most Automobiles

$3350 Ea

Acrylic two-key holder provides additional leverage for turning key in a lock. Keys attach easily with screws onto holder. Latex free.

Plastic frame features adjustable tension, so position of keys can be held at the most comfortable angle. Leather hand loop holds up to five keys. Latex free.

$3300 Ea

Handy accessory for extra leverage when turning key. Chrome-plated steel rod with plastic balls screwed on each end holds up to 10 keys. Latex free.

$3000 Ea

Triples the leverage supplied by the average key head. Ideal for people with temporarily or permanently diminished strength. Easy to find in a pocket or purse. Different colors aid in key/lock...

$1200 Ea

Allows users to grasp the holder around the outside, or slip fingers through the hollow center for added leverage in turning. House keys and most car keys (without plastic head covers) fit into the...

$2300 Ea
  •  2 or 4 Keys
  •  Keys Fold Away
  •  Durable Easy To Use

$1700 Ea

Helps position key for maximum leverage to work the most stubborn lock. Holds up to 3 keys on center position. To add or remove keys, just slip pencils through handle holes and twist each side to...

$3600 Ea
  •  Comfortable Grip
  •  Ergo Shape
  •  One or Two Keys

$1200 Ea

15 1/2" diameter and 5/8" thick with weight bearing load up to 350 lbs. Flexible cushion conforms to the shape of the seat. The top is covered with a soft, breathable material and the bottom with an...

$8600 Ea

Portable cushion allows movement in any direction. Polyfoam-padded cushion helps prevent back and hip strain. Swivels 360 degrees For smooth, easy movement in any direction while seated. Ideal for...

$5900 Ea

The Drive Medical Padded Swivel Seat Cushion allows an individual to turn up to 360 degrees enabling them to get on or off a seat, chair or car easily and comfortably. Incredibly lightweight at 3.25...

$2900 Ca 1
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