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EZ Reach Bowel Management Tool Combo

Manufacturer: Therafin
Part Number: 30700
Retail Price: $203.00
Price: $145.00 Ea
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The EZ Reach Bowel Management Tool Combo from Therafin is an innovative and easy-to-use device designed to help individuals with limited dexterity and impaired mobility perform their own bowel management at home. The Combo model features both Digi-Sert and Supp-A-Sert attachments, which each lock directly into the plastic handle, providing maximum comfort. The Digi-Sert digital bowel stimulator features a 1/2" in diameter, tapered Delrin tip with a moveable retaining washer which adjusts for the proper depth of penetration.

Additionally, the Supp-A-Sert attachment has a spring-loaded tip which expels suppository fluid only when inserted to the desired depth. This Self-Care Hygiene Aid is ideal for anyone wanting to reclaim independence and control over their own bodily functions. The EZ Reach Bowel Management Tool Combo allows users to maintain maximum hygiene and dignity without the help of a caretaker.