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Nail Clipper Board

Manufacturer: North Coast Medical
Part Number: NC28698
Price: $64.00 Ea
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The North Coast Medical Nail Clipper Board is a great device for those with limited hand mobility or joint pain, especially from arthritis. It securely attaches a standard-sized nail clipper to a plastic base, providing the user with an easy and ergonomic way to keep hands and nails trimmed. The board is also perfect for people with decreased pinching ability.

Two suction cup feet firmly adhere to any surface, and give the user the assurance that the board will not slip away while in use. Its small size of 4 x 2 also makes it convenient to store and use.

The Nail Clipper Board by North Coast Medical provides an interesting and practical solution to keeping nails and hands groomed. Its small size and firm adherence to surfaces make it easy and comfortable to use without the hassle of having to hold it in place all the time. The sturdy construction guarantees a longer lasting product and ensures the user that their safety, comfort, and hygiene needs are all addressed.