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Dover Hydrogel Coated Latex Foley Tray

Manufacturer: Kendall / Covidien
Part Number: 6155
Price: $20.00 Ea
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Mono-Flo anti-reflux device foley tray with Safeguard Needleless Sampling Port and Splashguard II. Drain Spout includes: Ultramer Latex Foley Catheter (17") and CURITY Drain Bag (KND6308). 100% Latex-free Standard Prep Tray Includes: Sterile CSR Wrap, Fenestrated Drape, Underpad, Nitrile Exam Gloves, Forceps, Prepping Balls, 10 cc Prefilled Sterile Water Inflation Syringe, Unique Bellows Lubricant Syringe, Povidone-Iodine Solution, Specimen Container and Label.

Includes forceps, prepping balls, 10 cc prefilled sterile water inflation syringe and unique bellows lubricant syringe.