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Good Grips Utensils

Manufacturer: North Coast Medical
Part Number: NC6559X
Price: $17.00 Ea
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Good Grips cutlery has a soft, cushion grip that keeps the utensil in the hand-even when wet!

The large, easy-to-hold handles are made of a rubber-like material, with flexible ribbing that's comfortable to hold and adapts to any grip.

The Good Grips handle is so unique, it has a U.S. patent.

Each stainless steel spoon and fork has a special twist built into the metal shaft that allows them to be adjusted to any angle. Bend for use with either the right or left hand. A great solution for persons who have had a stroke, and for those with arthritis, weak grasps, or limited arm movement. The rocker knife requires only minimal arm strength for cutting. An extended safety cap protects fingers while cutting. Dishwasher safe. Utensils sold individually.
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