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Kaye Adjustable Tilting Therapy Bench

Kaye Adjustable Tilting Therapy BenchKaye Adjustable Tilting Therapy Bench thumbnailKaye Adjustable Tilting Therapy Bench thumbnailKaye Adjustable Tilting Therapy Bench thumbnailKaye Adjustable Tilting Therapy Bench thumbnail
Manufacturer:Kaye Products
Part Number:SXA
Retail Price: $288.00
Price:$254.00 Ea
Kaye Adjustable Tilting Therapy Bench $254.00    Qty: Add to Cart


Therapists use benches in physical, occupational and speech therapy, particularly when the child needs a stable sitting surface to achive maximum arm and hand movements for play, learning, and daily living activities. The Kaye Adjustable Benches are ideal for home, therapy, or school programs and for children who do not need back support in sitting but need a firm seat that can be adjusted so that the child's feet rest on the floor.

The solid, stable construction makes the Kaye Adjustable Benches ideal for children learning to move from one level to another, such as moving from the floor to sitting, from sitting to standing, or from a seated position to their walker.

The slotted legs make it quick and easy for therapists to raise, lower or tilt the seat surface. Many children benefit from a tilted surface, which places more weight on their feet and aids postural control for better arm and hand function.

The optional KAYE Posture System, models S1AO, S2AO, and H2AO can be added to the KAYE Benches and KAYE T-Seats to provide additional stability in sitting. The Posture System consists of two components that can be used separately or together, depending on the postural requirements of the child.

The Pelvic Support Component adjusts the seat depth so that the length of the thigh is supported on the seat surface. The adjustable height of the posterior support maintains the pelvis in a vertical position and the adjustable lateral pelvic supports minimize asymmetry of
the trunk.

The Femoral Stabilizer Component, with its built-in 3" wide abductor, combines with the pelvic support to prevent both posterior tilt of the pelvis as well as rotation or obliquity of the pelvis. The femoral stabilizer component also stabilizes the hips and thighs in neutral alignment.


Model NumberUser Weight LimitHeight AdjustsTiltsFoldsSeat SizePosture System
S1A180 lbs (82kg)7" - 11"YesNo10 1/2" x 26"S1AO
S3A180 lbs (82kg)7" - 11"YesYes10 1/2" x 26"N/A
S2A180 lbs (82kg)10 1/2" - 17"YesNo14" x 31"S2AO,H2AO
S4A180 lbs (82kg)10 1/2" - 17"YesYes14" x 31"N/A
S5A180 lbs (82kg)16" - 23"YesNo14" x 31"S2AO,H2AO


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