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Special Tomato MPS Mobile Floor Kit - Small

Manufacturer: Special Tomato
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Product Description

The Special Tomato Multi-Positioning Seat offers comfortable and proper positioning support. Made for use at home, or as a car positioning seat, on the bus, at school-virtually anywhere. The modular cushion seating surface allows for individualized adjustment and many years of growth. Seamless, latex-free cushions are impermeable to fluids and soft, yet durable. It withstands cracking and cleans easily with common disinfectants.

Attachment straps can be used to attach the Special Tomato Multi-Positioning Seat to standard chairs found in the home, school, and community. Special Tomato positioning products and equipment are among the most popular positioning seats for special needs children. As a positioning chair the Special Tomato is a versatile and easy to clean positioning chair.

With the mobile base option the unit is an ideal floor sitter and mobility seat system to meet the needs of almost any child.
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Available Colors:

Available Colors

MPS Mobile Floor Kit Dimensions: 19"W x 37"D x 37"H
  • Ideal for Floor Sitting
  • Versatile Positiong Chair
  • Adjustable Footrest
  • Seat Shell
  • Adjustable Seat, Head, & Back Cushions
  • Wooden Mobile Floor Base
  • Made from Latex-Free materials
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As your child grows, the MPS can grow with them. By adding the optional Extended Seat Cushion, the life of your MPS will extend. The ideal time to purchase the Extended Seat Cushion is when your...

$16095 Ea
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The MPS Headrest is one of two options for a headrest that MUST be ordered with any MPS Seating System. If your child needs more lateral support, the MPS Lateral Headrest is a great option to try...

$9695 Ea
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The MPS Lateral Headrest is one of two options for a headrest that MUST be ordered with any MPS Seating System. If your child needs less lateral support, the MPS Headrest is a great option to try...

$12095 Ea
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Depth adjustable. 60 tilt adjustment. Tray easily attaches to back of the Mobile Floor Base for storage.

$26449 Ea
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Built-in tray storage on back. Four swivel casters with rear locks. 10-25 range of tilt-in space.

$84892 Ea
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Push Chair Base for the Special Tomato Multi-Positioning Seat. Special Tomato Multi-Positioning Seat not included.

$2,36551 Ea
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The Canopy for the Special Tomato MPS Push Chair Kit was designed to help with protecting your child from weather and sun.

$39029 Ea
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7.5 Solid Front and 12.5 Rear Pneumatic Knobby Tires Upgrade for MPS Push Chair.

$47925 Ea
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Conveniently stores and transports the MPS Push Chair.

$39029 Ea
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Included with the MPS, MPS Mobile Floor Kit and MPS Push Chair Kit. Dark gray color.

$76728 Ea
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Seat Cushion
Back Cushion
Headrest Help? More information for this option
Tray Help? More information for this option
Push Chair Base Help? More information for this option

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