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Aqua Fitness

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  •  Provides additional support at the hip, mainly for use in the supine position
  •  Adjustable
  •  Nylon belt is 52" long

$1000 Ea
  •  Can be used in conjunction with the #702 hip belt in the supine position
  •  Easy to inflate/deflate
  •  Has two straps for a secure fit

$2900 Ea
  •  Use in the many situations where foam padding is welcome
  •  Lace at pool's edge to ease entry/exit
  •  Makes a great flotation raft

$16500 Ea
Parts Available
  •  Easy to use
  •  Bright yellow color
  •  Two sizes available

$25500 Ea
Parts Available
  •  Sets may be snapped together for neck, chest, torso, or body support
  •  Individual rings can be added or removed to increase or decrease the amount of flotation
  •  Set comes with a standard 43” strap and 20 individual rings

$9000 Ea
  •  Adds buoyancy and resistance for ab, lower back, and leg workouts in water
  •  Fully adjustable
  •  Fits men and women

$5200 Ea
  •  Great for water aerobics and swim training.

$2495 Pr
Parts Available
  •  Supplementary support for those who have some swimming skills
  •  Moderate amount of lift helps maintain the body in a traditional swimming position
  •  Quick-Release waist strap for easy on/off

$8800 Ea
  •  Lightweight, adjustable and won't slide off
  •  Keep professional ear molds, ear plugs or wax molds in place
  •  Soft foam lining contours to the shape of the ear

$5800 Ea
Parts Available
$10800 Ea
  •  Constructed from Ensolite® marine flotation foam
  •  Will not sink or absorb water, even if cut or punctured

$10500 Ea
  •  Lightweight
  •  Helps with maintaining balance and equilibrium during walking/gaiting pool exercises
  •  Great for resting on or extending out in front of you for kicking drills

$13000 Ea
Parts Available
  •  Ideal for individuals who have head/trunk control, but need to compensate for uneven weight
  •  Side pads helps minimize a user’s tendency toward lateral rotation
  •  Front chest pad provides additional lift and is removable

$18900 Ea
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