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Sprint Hip Belt

The Sprint Hip Belt is a floatation device which provides additional support for the supine position, at the hip. The float is latex free, and measures 6-1/4"W X 36 L. The actual belt is 60" long...

$1000 Ea
Body Fit Collar

The Bodyfit collar has been designed to support a client's head comfortably above the water. Can be used in conjunction with the #702 hip belt in the supine position. This collar has two straps...

$2900 Ea
Danmar Comfort Mat

This mat means comfort! Use in the many situations where foam padding is welcome. Place at pool's edge to ease entry/exit. In the shower, these moistureproof mats offer a soft floor covering. In the...

$16500 Ea
Danmar Sectional Raft
Parts Available
  •  Easy to use
  •  Bright yellow color
  •  Two sizes available

$25500 Ea
Danmar Swim Rings
Parts Available

Create your own personal flotation device with these versitile rings! Sets may be snapped together for neck, chest or torso support. Individual rings can be removed, reducing amount of flotation and...

$9000 Ea
Aquatic Wrist Weight
  •  Great for water aerobics and swim training.

$2495 Pr
Danmar Tri-Swim
Parts Available

A favorite in geriatric or rehab swim programs. It gives supplementary support for those who have some swimming skills, while a moderate amount of lift helps maintain the body in the traditional swim...

$8800 Ea
Danmar Water Ear Muffs

Light weight, adjustable and won't slide off like bands or scarfs, plus won't pull hair like tight bathing caps do. These ear muffs are designed to keep professional ear molds, ear plugs or wax molds...

$5800 Ea
The Aquarunner

The Aquarunner adds buoyancy and resistance for ab, lower back, and leg workouts in water. Fully adjustable, it fits men and women. Expanding X-strap and adjustable floating heel strap create a...

$5200 Ea
Danmar Delta Swim System
Parts Available
$10800 Ea
Danmar Head Float

Now therapy is made easier for individuals with reflex domination. No need to support the head manually, hands are free. Superb cushioning design allows the head to rest without pressure on...

$10500 Ea
Danmar Swim Stabilizer Bar

Stabilizer Bar Standard 4' length, Mini 3' length. Lightweight! Add or remove foam ring as proficiency levels changes. Rehab applications include maintaining balance and equilibrium during...

$13000 Ea
Danmar Dolphin Float System
Parts Available

Ideal for the more physically involved individuals who do have head/trunk control, but may need to compensate for uneven weight distribution or lateral rotation. Tendencies toward lateral rotation...

$18900 Ea
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