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Hand Exercisers

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Stress Ball Hand Exerciser
  •  Latex free
  •  Hand washable
  •  Soft cotton / Lycra fabric

$1300 Ea
CanDo Gel Squeeze Ball - Standard Circular

Great for improving grip strength and dexterity in hands, fingers, and forearms. Heat or chill them for use in hot or cold therapy. Progressive levels of strength cater to all users.

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Cando Theraputty

Cando Theraputty hand exercise material is the standard in resistive putty. Each color-coded putty has a different consistency ranging from xx-soft for strengthening the weakest grasp to extra-firm...

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Deluxe Hand Exerciser
  •  Includes 5 rubber bands
  •  Comfort foam grip
  •  Easy to use

$1395 Ea
Hand Exerciser

Strengthen your grip with the Hand Exerciser. Loop a rubber band around the top bar of the sliding finger grip for light resistance. As strength increases, attach additional rubber bands to increase...

$1295 Ea
Rainbow Putty Hand Therapy Putty

Rainbow Putty is ideal for developing hand-muscle strength and increasing endurance. To gently increase range of motion or reduce stiffness, use Extra-Soft Tan. As strength increases, gradually...

$1060 Ea
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