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PolyMem QuadraFoam Wound Dressing w/ Non-Adhesive Pad - 4" x 24" Roll

Manufacturer: Ferris
Part Number: 5244
Price: $189.50 BX 4
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The only active membrane dressing that contains the following wound healing agents: wound cleanser, mild bacteriostatic, moisturizer and an absorbing agent. Feels like foam, maintains a warm, moist, fluid environment and has absorbent properties.

PolyMem's formulation of QuadraFoam keeps the wound bed moist and promotes the concentration of the body's naturally produced growth factors, nutrients and regenerated cells in the wound bed. As a result, clinical studies show that PolyMem's QuadraFoam dressings offer quicker wound recovery times than traditional dressings and have been found to help heal wounds that had previously been unsuccessfully treated.

PolyMem's built-in cleansing capabilities minimize the need for manual wound bed cleansing during dressing changes. Manual cleansing can be harmful, disturbing the wound bed and any surrounding healthy tissue.

With four aspects of wound care in one formulation, PolyMem's QuadraFoam can be used throughout the wound-healing continuum.

PolyMem's QuadraFoam is also indicated for all wound types (e.g., full and partial thickness wounds, skin tears, ulcers, surgical wounds, first- and second-degree burns).

PolyMem's QuadraFoam dressings are highly absorbent, allowing up to seven days between changes, depending on the wound status. This can mean a substantial reduction in labor and dressing costs.

PolyMem's QuadraFoam dressings provide a clear built-in visual indication of when they need to be changed, taking the guesswork out of patient care. Because of PolyMem's built-in QuadraFoam cleansing and absorption capabilities, you may be able to change dressings less often and reduce wound bed cleansing during those changes, saving you precious time.


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