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DRI Excel Enuresis Bed Wetting Alarm

Manufacturer: Urocare
Part Number: 4600
Price: $174.95 Ea Limited Quantities, Please Call to Place Order
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DRI Sleeper Alarm System includes four 1.4V batteries Small, comfortable unisex design with moisture detector that attaches inside the underwear. Awakens child by detecting even the slightest amount of urine. An optional disposable, paper-based pad can be used to help secure detector.

To attach the alarm unit(box) to the pajamas: sew, or safety pin the Hook and Loop onto the shoulder and place the alarm unit(box) on the Hook and Loop patch. It is best if the socket for the plug on the alarm unit(box) faces upwards. The wire from the alarm unit(box) which connects it to the detector, goes inside the pajamas and down to the underwear.

Stages Of Treatment
  • Teaches the child to wake up as urination begins.
  • The child becomes more sensitive to the sensations of the bladder filling up, and more often wakes up just before or just after urination starts.
  • The child wakes up to the need to urinate but with no urine having been passed.
  • The child progresses to the more mature pattern of being able to sleep through the night, and mostly does not have to get up to urinate during the night.


Dimensions: 3" x 15/8" x 3/4"